Ale and Gaby Morales

Ale y Gaby Morales

Earth Inspired Jewelry


The taste for fashion, their great creativity and fascination with design is what characterizes the Morales sisters. It was a little over 15 years ago when together they decided to start a business, which, to this day, is one of the favorites in the Mexican jewelry market due to its originality and quality in each of its pieces found in Mani Maalai.
Emphasizing their taste for fashion style, they began buying and selling jewelry, but they saw an area of ​​opportunity where the market demanded original, innovative and excellent proposals. They decide to start making their own products, transforming themselves into Mani Maalai, “gem necklace” in Hindu. The brand is distinguished mainly because the founding partners design and manufacture their own pieces, expressing in each collection their slogan: “Jewelry inspired by the earth.”
The unique style of Ale and Gaby Morales has led them to be in constant innovation over the years. They continually improve their processes and work hard on young and new talent, products for their clients, managing to be positioned after more than a decade marketing.
As part of their challenges, in the boutique located in Plaza O2 in San Pedro, they incorporated the ornament collection, unique decorative creations of minerals, skulls, paintings and insects, extending and entering interior decoration.
The Mani Maalai brand has a characteristic seal, do you follow any lines?
We always try to go hand in hand with emerging trends, however we try to ensure that everything has our stamp. It is important that the essence remains, our entire identity goes into the collection. We have different lines, perhaps some have nothing to do with others, but the organic essence remains.
How do you get inspired when starting a collection?
Our inspiration is really in daily life. Suddenly one of us has an idea, we incorporate pieces that do not necessarily belong to a collection or we have a stone that we liked and then we make it. We meet in the workshop and see what the collections will carry. We observe stones, materials, we develop the story, the concept and once defined, the prototypes are manufactured to later produce the pieces.
Are the products manufactured by you?
We manufacture everything from prototype modeling, silver casting, casting and more. The largest percentage is silver with gold plating, which are national products, some pieces made in Mexico and others imported. The largest number is made in our country.
What factor differentiates Mani Maalai from other jewelers?
Mainly the design, they are typical of the brand. Also, we always seek to innovate both in processes and materials. Don't stay with what is there, look for what's next and always try to innovate, giving the client what they are looking for.
When you started the brand, what challenges did it entail to make it a reality?
Many still do not stop, we are constantly improving our processes, manufacturing in the best way using the most suitable so that the products are better. Grow and expand, already being in different national and international states, online and in e-commerce mainly.
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