Mani Maalai is the original Mexican jewelry concept

Mani Maalai es el concepto de joyería mexicana original

In our Talents in the Spotlight series we turn the spotlight towards the world of jewelry in Mexico where several creatives have broken stereotypes to create truly unique jewelry.

With new creatives like those of the Mani Maalai brand, the fashion industry is reconfigured and it is proven once again that there is always something new under the sun. Before becoming designers, Alejandra and Gabriela Morales started as entrepreneurs with a jewelry marketer and soon realized that to offer unique designs they had to make them themselves.

After a preparation process they launched their brand Mani Maalai with which they responded to the demand for pieces that could be worn from day to night. In their work scheme they supervise all steps of production, from conceptualization to communication.

“Our main inspiration is organic motifs, although we also adapt to trends. In our proposals we use noble materials, such as silver and gold and natural stones,” says Gabriela.

Twelve years have passed since this project came to light, the financing of which is carried out with its own resources. The fruits have come with the consolidation, among which is its
flagship store , which opened at the end of 2015 in Monterrey. This point of sale is the top of its distribution chain that includes department stores and multi-brand boutiques.

They concluded 2016 with their participation in a trade mission in Hong Kong. 2017 focuses on electronic commerce and the analysis of its expansion through franchises, which for them would be the appropriate formula to attract investors. “The perfect partner would be the one who understands our business and who wants to go hand in hand to achieve the same goals,” concludes Alejandra.

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