MANI MAALAI is a jewelry house that creates “Earth Inspired Jewelry”, handcrafted by artisans who admire and understand the organic nature of raw materials.

The instinct for creation and the passion for natural elements, lead to the selection of metals and precious stones that catch the eye due to their color and texture essences. Gold and silver take sophisticated shapes, delivering a universal spirit that manages to be captured in each and every piece.

The collections are distinguished by their designs, which seek to restate a personal style, without disregarding emerging trends.

Since 1999, MANI MAALAI sets trend with the firm intention to heighten any garment by the creation of jewels that may be worn in any moment. All of the pieces are made in Mexico, where the brand was born from the hands of its founders and designers: Alejandra and Gabriela Morales.


Tienda Insignia

La tienda Insignia se encuentra ubicada en San Pedro Garza García en Monterrey y cuenta con distintos puntos de venta dentro del país.


Nuestras colecciones son creadas con un profundo significado inspiradas en la tierra, su naturaleza, la geometría y el misticismo, elaboradas con gemas que guardan su energía única. Encuentra en cada pieza tu conexión con ella y su

Alejandra y Gabriela Morales