Calavera como ornamento

Skull as an ornament

Mysticism and spirituality: For some, stone skulls have spiritual and mystical connotations. It is believed that they may represent the connection between life and death, as well as spiritual tran...
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Harmonization and balance: Fluorite is said to have the ability to harmonize and balance the flow of energy in the body and in the environment. It is used to help balance the chakras and promote e...
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Crystal quartz, also known as white quartz or transparent quartz, is one of the most versatile and popular stones in crystal therapy due to its diverse energetic properties. Some of its energetic p...
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Siete Metales

Seven Metals

The stone of seven metals, also known as "Lamp of Seven Metals" or "Seven Metals", is a traditional piece of Tibetan culture and is considered a sacred stone with special energetic properties. This...
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Cuarzo Humo

Smoke Quartz

The main energetic characteristic of smoky quartz, also known as smoke quartz, is its powerful protective and grounding capacity. This stone is considered one of the most effective protection ston...
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Turmalina Negra

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful protection stones in the world of crystal therapy. It is believed to act as an energetic shield, blocking and absorbing negative energies and unwanted e...
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The geodes are rock formations that contain a hollow interior lined with crystals. These natural structures can be made of different minerals, but some of the most well-known geodes used in cr...
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Cuarzo de Madagascar

Madagascar Quartz

Considered especially powerful due to their geographical origin and the unique properties attributed to them.  Mental Clarity: It is believed that working with Madagascar quartz points can help c...
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Protective stone that purifies and energizes the environment of a space. Within its energetic properties  the following are found. Calming and relaxing: Amethyst is known for its ability to ca...
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