9 MEXICAN jewelry brands you'll want to follow on Instagram

9 marcas de joyería MEXICANA que querrás seguir en Instagram

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Instagram has become one of the most important platforms in the world of fashion and in Mexico this is no exception.

Mexican jewelry has earned its place in the world and in this social network. Below we present 9 Mexican projects that will conquer you with their original proposals and innovative designs.

FELINA It is a Mexican brand that little by little has become a standard in the world of accessories, its proposal is architectural and minimalist. They use metal, silver and gold plate to make them.

JERARDA LAKE It is an eco-friendly jewelry line, most of its metals are recycled and its designs are inspired by the Mayan culture.

AMANDINA It is a firm based on Mexican artisanal talent. The sophistication and innovative design of its pieces is unique.

ATELIER It is a fusion of the passion for traveling with art and design. His pieces are inspired by the great cities of the world such as New York and Milan.

BLOOD OF MY BLOOD Their designs border on originality, they use materials and objects that you would not have imagined using in jewelry.

RESURREXION This brand takes its inspiration from magic, love, life and nature, and is made by Mexican artisans.

MANI MAALAI This jewelry creation house is inspired by the earth for its designs, its pieces are handcrafted, and they select metals and precious stones for their production.

GALA IS LOVE It could be said that romanticism is the premise of this brand, in its catalog we can find pieces such as bracelets with phrases like Mon amour , rings with hollow hearts and necklaces inspired by The Little Prince.

ERO JEWELRY Each piece of this brand is practically unique, its manufacturing is artisanal and organic.

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