Harmonization and balance: Fluorite is said to have the ability to harmonize and balance the flow of energy in the body and in the environment. It is used to help balance the chakras and promote emotional stability.

Mental Clarity and Decision Making: Fluorite is associated with mental clarity and decision making. It is believed to help dispel confusion and facilitate organized and logical thinking.

Psychic Protection: Fluorite is considered to be a stone of psychic protection, helping to block or eliminate negative influences and unwanted energies.

Stimulation of the intellect: Fluorite is said to stimulate the mind and improve the ability to concentrate and learn. It is frequently used by students and professionals to improve intellectual performance.

Increased intuition: Some people believe that fluorite can enhance intuition and facilitate connection with inner wisdom.


Bedroom: Place a fluorite stone near your bed or under your pillow. It is believed that fluorite can promote relaxation and improve sleep quality, which can help you get a deeper and more restful rest.

Meditation and focus: If you practice meditation or work on projects that require mental focus, you can have a fluorite stone in your meditation or study area. It is believed that fluorite can stimulate the mind and improve concentration.

Cleansing and protection: Fluorite is considered a stone of purification and protection. Placing it near the door or in the corners of the room can help cleanse and protect the space from negative or unwanted energies.

Calm atmosphere: Fluorite is associated with calm and inner peace. Their presence in the room can help create a calm and relaxing environment, especially during times of stress or anxiety.

As a decorative object: In addition to its energetic properties, fluorite is a beautiful and colorful stone that can add an aesthetic touch to your room decoration. You can find fluorites in different shapes and colors, and choose those that best suit your tastes and decoration style.

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