Madagascar Quartz

Cuarzo de Madagascar

Considered especially powerful due to their geographical origin and the unique properties attributed to them. 

Mental Clarity: It is believed that working with Madagascar quartz points can help clear the mind and facilitate concentration. They can be useful for improving perception and mental focus, as well as stimulating memory.

Chakra Harmonization: Quartz points are generally considered excellent for balancing and harmonizing the body's chakras. When used in meditation or energy therapy, they can help align energy centers to promote health and well-being.

Healing and purification: Quartz is known for its ability to cleanse and purify energy. Madagascar quartz points can be used to clear energetic blockages and release negative or unwanted energies.

Spiritual Connection: Some people feel that working with Madagascar quartz points can open doors to greater spiritual connection and facilitate communication with higher planes. It is believed that these stones can raise energy vibration and promote intuition.

Emotional balance: Quartz can help stabilize emotions and promote a state of inner calm. They can be beneficial for those seeking relief from stress and emotional anxiety.

Crystal Charging and Programming: Madagascar Quartz Points are excellent for charging and programming other crystals. They can be used to infuse intentions into other stones or to cleanse them of previous energies.


Placing Madagascar quartz points in a room can be an effective way to take advantage of its energetic properties to improve the environment and promote general well-being. Here are some suggestions on how to use these stones in a room:

Place in strategic points: Distribute the quartz points in strategic points in the room, such as on shelves, tables, windows or shelves. The idea is that the quartz points are visible and accessible so that they can radiate their energy throughout the space.

On the nightstand: Placing a Madagascar quartz point on the nightstand near the bed can be beneficial. Quartz can help promote calmer, more restful sleep by dissipating negative energy and creating a harmonious environment.

In the work or study area: If you have a work or study area in your room, you can place a quartz point near your work area. Quartz is believed to promote concentration and mental clarity, which could be useful during your intellectual tasks.

To cleanse the space: If you feel that the room needs an energetic cleanse, you can use the quartz tip to purify the environment. Hold the quartz point and walk through the space, visualizing how the negative energy dissipates and is replaced by more positive and harmonious energy.

In the meditation area: If you have a meditation corner in your room, place a Madagascar quartz point in that space. Quartz can help raise your energetic vibration during meditation and facilitate a deeper connection with your inner self.

Combine with other stones: You can combine Madagascar quartz points with other stones that complement each other. For example, amethyst or rose quartz can work well in combination with Madagascar quartz to enhance certain intentions or energetic properties.

Keep Clean and Charged: For quartz points to maintain their effectiveness, it is important to clean and charge them regularly. You can clean them under running water, expose them to sunlight or moonlight, and program them with your intentions and desires.

Remember that the placement of Madagascar quartz points in your room is a personal matter and may vary depending on your needs and preferences. Listen to your intuition and experiment with different locations until you find the arrangement that gives you a feeling of harmony and well-being in the space.

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