Quartz & Jewels

Quartz & Jewels

Over time, quartz has been considered one of the greatest energy stones on Earth and the greatest protective stone that exists.

It is believed that quartz absorbed the positive energy of the Earth's magnetic field for thousands of years, which gives it the ability to transmit to the person who owns it a balance in the spiritual and emotional aspect, protecting our aura from all types of energies. negative.

That is why they produce an important impact on our mind, spirit and soul, in addition to also being used for physical healing.



Personally, we have always been attracted to these magical stones and that is why they appear in most of our collections and we are fascinated by using them in our jewelry as a symbol of protection, balance and harmony.

Throughout history in jewelry, quartz has been used as amulets or simple ornaments. Despite appearing to be the same, each one is different due to the natural characteristics and energy they hold, which makes them unique gems.

Written by Alejandra and Gabriela Morales

Co-founders MANI MAALAI

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