The Mexican jewelry brands you need to know

Las marcas de joyería mexicana que necesitas conocer

Mexico has become a design reference for Latin America and the world. It is very clear that it has the best talents in its people. For this reason, it does not surprise us that there are so many Mexican fashion and jewelry designers who have such innovative and spectacular proposals. The accessories They are the perfect complement to our looks , as well as an essential part to give it a final touch. Paying attention to details is very important if we want to look perfect. We tell you which are the Mexican jewelry brands that you should keep your eye on.
Regina Castillo, Tanya Moss, Daniel Espinosa, Thalatha Jewlery, Fernando Rodríguez and Mani Maalai.

For 15 years, the brand has specialized in silver and gold plate products. The designs are created by the owners of the brand Alejandra and Gabriela Morales, who through them print their personal stamp on the creations.
In addition, their collections are limited edition so if you get a design, you will be one of the lucky few to have it.
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