Jewelry made in Mexico

Joyas hechas en México

For Christmas, Mother's Day, birthday or Valentine's Day. These brands master artisanal techniques and quality materials, with design proposals that give life to very special pieces.

Every year there is more than one chance for conjugate the verb to give almost daily: I gift, you give, we give. There are few who can escape the fury of giving and receiving gifts , be it for him Valentine's Day , Mother's Day, Birthday or Christmas , it is always worth being prepared to know how stand out . The jewelry they are always special , both for its design , its materials and even the techniques with which they were given life. From the simplest ring even the most necklace more opulent, bet on a piece of jewelry As the ideal gift always is good idea .

Here 12 Mexican brands with designs of jewelry for all kinds of taste and occasion , so that when the time comes to make the gift list They already know where to go. Prepare your clicks !

Cristina Ramella, Allurina Manik, Amandina, Varón, Paar, Avocet Jewelry, Gala is Love, Dragonfly, Sangre de mi sangre, Tane, Felina, Gabriela Artigas, Mani Maalai.

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