Earth Inspired Jewelry

Joyas Inspiradas en la Tierra

Original article in New Luxury Magazine

MANI MAALAI is a house that creates jewelry of high design and artisanal character with a great sense of admiration for the Earth. Jewels of power inspired by nature, geometry and mysticism, which when taking their shape capture a universal spirit. Natural stones that adorn and come to life with their energy. Each piece is carefully molded by Mexican hands that admire and understand the organic nature of raw materials.

The sisters Alejandra and Gabriela Morales, founders of MANI MAALAI, created this project in 1999, and since then they have set trends with their collections of deep meaning, characterized by their timeless designs that seek to elevate clothing with the firm purpose of reaffirming a personal style without leave aside emerging trends.


The idea of ​​creating MANI MAALAI was born from Alejandra and Gabriela Morales' passion for jewelry. The story began by marketing jewelry and when they did not find designs that connected with their essence, they focused on creating their own brand, proposing a different concept in jewelry with outstanding designs, and far from the traditional, using materials such as gold, silver, bronze and stones. natural.

From the beginning, the founders design and manufacture treasures that have a very strong organic essence, “jewelry inspired by the earth”, nature, geometry, and mystical symbols.


The flagship store is located in Plaza O2, in San Pedro Garza García. Entering this space is a unique experience, full of the essence of the brand, where in addition to its collections and limited edition jewelry, the line of decorative jewelry is exhibited under the name ORNAMENT by MANI MAALAI, made up of quartz, paintings, figures and decorative stones.
MANI MAALAI has exclusive points of sale. You can find it at Saks Fifth Avenue, Cañamiel, TFA Store (CDMX), Le Bazaar (Hotel Casa Las Tortugas, Holbox), Muiuk (Hotel Bardó, Tulum), KM33 Punta Mita (Punta Mita), Boho Hunter (Miami). All its collections are available in the online store


Arcane, Etérea and Introspección are the most recent collections, and although MANI MAALAI creates one collection per year, new pieces are constantly added to these, some unique and limited edition.

Some pieces are characterized by being very organic, composed of beetles, snakes, bees, dragonflies and feathers. While in other collections, geometric shapes are the basis, creating modernist jewelry that combines the minimalist look with quartz, pearls and other natural gems, without leaving aside mysticism, where amulets in the form of medals, quartz, eyes and cosmic elements How the moon and stars allude to the power of the universe.
MANI MAALAI manages to harmonize with the elements of nature, symbolism, geometry and natural stones to create unique and timeless pieces.

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