At the moment we only ship within Mexico, the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom through FedEx and DHL parcel services.

Shipping times within Mexico are 1 to 4 business days, except for non-common delivery areas, it could take up to 10 business days and for shipments to the United States 3 to 7 business days when the pieces are in stock, Otherwise due to its production time the estimated delivery time is 14 business days.


Shipping type Cost Delivery time
Standard Domestic Shipping $150 2-6 business days
Express domestic shipping $280 1-2 business days
Shipping United States $490 3-7 business days
Shipping Canada $1,150 7-15 business days
Shipping Europe (Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom) $1,350 15 working days


For purchases equal to or greater than $3,000 pesos, shipping is free of charge.

Express shipping will be processed if the part is in stock otherwise its production time is 14 business days.

If you want to buy from any other country, write to us at or send us a message on Instagram ( @manimaalai ) providing us with your zip code to manage your purchase. However, the products may apply, as the case may be, some tax depending on the country of destination. All our pieces are manufactured in Mexico.

In the event that there is a delay in the delivery of your order or that the part is out of stock at the time of purchase, we will contact you either by email or phone.

Upon receiving your package, we recommend that you check that it does not present any defect or alteration. If so, we ask that you please not receive it, write down the comments on the courier ticket and report it immediately to the telephone number 81 8335 6259, or via email to otherwise MANI MAALAI will not be responsible for any damage that the products may present.