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The creative house of Earth-Inspired Jewelry, handcrafted by hands that admire and understand the organic nature of raw materials, present their most recent collection.

With fifteen years immersed in the world of jewelry, the sisters Alexandra and Gabriela Morales , better known as Mani Maalai , have remained constantly inspired by the earth, both the natural elements that they find in it and that they later transform into sublime pieces to dress the body, to the animal forms that inhabit it.

His most recent delivery is the third part of his collection Instinct , which joins brand classics such as snake and claw rings. Chains with charms in the shape of cicadas, dragonflies and bees with quartz bellies, as well as abundant beetles in rings and chokers, and games in the same way with other shapes such as peacock feathers, eagle wings, crow skulls, vertebrae and crocodiles , define this new collection.

Instinto III
is materialized in gold and silver, incorporating precious stones in some pieces to make them more exquisite, and also using gold plating to make the designs more accessible. The brand's purpose is to create jewelry that can be worn at any time, elevating clothing no matter the occasion.

All the pieces of Mani Maalai , a brand originally from San Pedro Garza Garcías, Nuevo León, is made in Mexico in an artisanal way, using metals and stones whose colors and textures captivate the eye.

Soon the brand will be opening a new point of sale which will be a reflection of the concept Mani Maalai . Collection pieces Instinct III They are now on sale through their site, where you can also buy rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets from other of their collections.

This brand can also be found at Saks Fifth Avenue Polanco and Santa Fe, Common People , Bloom and Mexicouture , in addition to special sales that you can be aware of through their social networks.

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